I built the website for the Kitchen Bitches conference to easily handle payments and ticketing.

I designed and built the website for the Kitchen Bitches conference in Toronto. I'm a big supporter of the concept, and wanted to support the work being done by local chef and restaurant owner Jen Agg to get this event off the ground.

The conference website had to handle ticketing and payments in the most simple way possible. I decided to whip up a quick Ruby on Rails app integrated with Stripe to achieve this. While I initially thought a static site could do the job, I ultimately wanted more customization for the payment system and opted for Rails.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Stripe
  • SASS
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
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"I am so grateful to Taylor for the work he put into the Kitchen Bitches website. It's functionality and simple beauty made it easy for us to sell out the event (which, thanks in part to Taylor was a huge success). Working with him was a pleasure."

Jen Agg, Toronto restauranteur
KitchenBitches website checkout
I wanted to make it super simple for people to buy tickets, so I stripped the purchasing flow down to the bare essentials.
KitchenBitches website
I kept the site design minimalist -- one typeface, two colours. I like the way it turned out.